About Us


The Company

We are a internet solution development company in Montreal, QC. Canada. We have been developing best in class Database, iOS, Android, cloud apps and web interface since 2008. Our clients are enterprise companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.We specialize in developing custom end-to-end mobile and web app solutions for sharing knowledge, scientific calculations, business process improvement, and controlling hardware. We build great products using the Internet, iOS, and Android platforms.

Our Proven Track Record

Executing an idea successfully requires more than just technical skills. It takes thousands of hours of experience in project management, design and communication, understanding your needs and your end user’s needs. It requires the ability to devise or recognize the shortest paths to finding solutions for technical problems. We have a proven track record of industry experience and reliability.


Our Teams


We provide a diverse set of skills to help you meet your business needs.

e-Elite Consulting is fueled by its founder since 2010. e-Elite Consulting’s knowledge of internet marketing and the intricate nuances involved is UNMATCHED in the industry.

Through our extensive experience in the search marketing and application development industry, e-Elite Consulting is fully-equipped with resources and proven tactics to execute on each investment and business strategy.

e-Elite Consulting  is always looking to connect with businesses on a deeper level. e-Elite Consulting has been at the forefront of applications and media companies, investing strategically and opportunistically in businesses to provide long term value for partners, while producing ideas and concepts to enhance revenue and user experience.

What sets e-Elite Consulting apart from all the rest isn’t just the subject matter expertise, but rather the practice of infusing principles and work ethic, which drives results.